3DRewind Rome, Virtual tour of Rome

3DRewind Rome

the Virtual Museum on Ancient Rome. A virtual and interactive journey through ancient Rome, where emperors, gladiators, monuments and building techniques come back to life.

  • The perfectly reconstructed tunnel of Emperor Commodus will be the gate to your incredible journey deep into the underground level of the Colosseum.
  • Rome 310 a. D. : stereoscopy and 3D digital designs based on exacting historical research will catapult you into palaces, city boroughs, and scenes of daily life at the time of Emperor Constantine
  • Two miniature reconstructions of the Colosseum and of the famous Circus Maximus will reveal the secrets of monument construction techniques and tools used in ancient Rome
  • As a Gladiator you will discover the different weapons, fighting techniques and other interesting facts that that made them a legend.
  • Enter to discover the beauty secrets of the women of ancient Rome: their hair style, perfumes and makeup.

The most amazing journey you ever thought to make, deep into the heart of Roman history. Come to take your place in history ! Open every day from 9AM to 7PM

Virtual tour Rome