Galleria Colonna, Rome

Galleria Colonna, Rome

Located in Piazza, Rome, Galleria Colonna is a palatial block of buildings in central Rome, Italy at the base of the Quirinal Hill. Nestled adjacent to the church of Santi Apostoli, the Galleria Colonna is built over ruins of an old Roman Serapeum. It served as the palace for the Colonnas for over 20 generations, who were one of the leading noble families of Rome.

Cardinal Giovanni and Giacomo Colonna lived in this palace during early 13th century. It has also remained the home of Cardinal Oddone Colona. The next few years saw change in its ownership and in the subsequent years, the palace was owned by the Della Rovere family. These changes have actually prompted a refurbishment and created a unitary complex around a central garden.

The construction of the beautiful historic gallery reached its peak when the main facades were completed in the 17th and the 18th centuries. There was further development in construction of the gallery during the 18th century when the long low facade with taller corner blocks was constructed. The main gallery of six-rooms was completed in the year 1703.

The rich collection of the art gallery was acquired after the year 1650. Art lovers have a lifetime experience at the Galleria Colonna as it showcases some splendid works of Albani, Muziano, Lorenzo Monaco, Ghirlandaio, Salviati, Bronzino, Palma il Vecchio and others. Visitors will love every bit of their experience while admiring the breathtaking ceiling frescoes of Filippo Gherardi, Sebastiano Ricci, Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari and Giovanni Coli. The gallery makes a proud display of the Apotheosis of Martin V, which was painted by Benedetto Luti. This is one of the largest collections of private art in Rome.

Another renowned painting that the gallery takes pride in displaying is the Annibale Caracci's earthy peasant Bean Eater. The older wing of the complex known as the Princess Isabelle's apartments makes a wonderful display of frescoes by Antonio Tempesta, Giacinto Gimignani, Pinturicchio and others.

The beautiful gallery provides group tours for 10 visitors at a time.

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