Roman Forum, Rome

Roman Forum, Rome

Initially, the Forum Romanum were a soggy Valley where some small shrines and dead were buried. By the Valley ran the Via Sacra (sacred road). Religious processions and triumphal tours trekked about this road. After the prohibition followed an intensive exploitation. The central location between different residential areas contributed to this increase. According to historians it was swampy area drained in the time of Tarquinius i. Last mentioned belongs to the early Kings. According to traditions and 510 BC they ruled between 753 Rome.

Roman Forum

When Rome was a Republic developed the Forum Romanum itself to the political, legal, religious and commercial centre of the Empire. Different emperors left the Forum with beautiful and impressive construction works to extend. Around the second century after Christ took the importance of the Forum gradually. The political centre of power shifted to the imperial palaces on the Palatine Hill and the trade to the market of Trajan.

Forum Romano

In the fourth century the Forum had no official status anymore. From the seventh century, this location in decline. Renewed interest arose at the beginning of the renaissance. This was accompanied by an exploitation of the antique monuments. Both the debris as the building material were re-used for construction projects.

Fiori Romano

At the end of the seventeenth century found a mentality place thanks to archaeological interest. Excavations with scientific research goal followed from the end of the eighteenth century. The Arch of Septimius Severus and the pillars of the Temple of Saturn were uncovered. The systematic uncovering the ruins began in late nineteenth century and is still not completed.

Foro Romano in Rome
Roman Forum, Rome